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Pet Detectives
  • 7 to Adult
  • 2 10 Detectives
  • Minutes to learn
  • 20-40 minutes per game

  • 80 Pet Cards
  • 26 Action Cards
  • 4 Custom Pet Cards (add your own pets to the game!)
  • 40 Pet Dollars
  • Instructions

  • Dozens of pets have been lost. Race against other pet detectives to find them!
    When you match a Lost Pet Card to a Found Pet Card, you have found the pet and win the reward money.

    When you build up $100, you buy an Action Card. Be careful! An Action Card can be helpful or it can work against you.

    Be the detective to find the most lost pets by the end of the game and you win!

    Includes custom cards so you can include pictures of your own pets in the game!
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