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Make Your Pet Famous!
Pet Detectives To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, we want to celebrate your pets!  Send us a picture featuring your pet(s) alongside a Pet Detectives game and we will include chosen pictures in our new Pet Detectives calendar.  Photos must be received by December 31st, 2008.

Pictures need to be high resolution jpg images which you can upload here or you can mail us your picture along with the photo release.

We will contact you before the end of January 2009 to let you know if your pet was included.  Then, we can e-mail you a copy of the calendar or you can get it free from us through the mail.

*Contest is for U.S. residents only.  Void where prohibited by law.

I agree to all terms of the photo release


You could also mail your picture to us along with the photo release:

Morning Star Games
PO Box 5059
Santa Monica, CA  90409


1.  Can I submit a photo without agreeing to the photo release?

We need a photo release to accompany each photo submitted.  You can either agree to the photo release online or send us a signed copy through the mail.

2.  Does my photo have to include a Pet Detectives game?

Yes, it does.  All or part of the game box or tin should be visible with your pet.

3.  When will I be informed if my pet picture has been included in the calendar?

By the end of January 2009.

4.  Can I get extra copies of the calendar to give to friends?

Yes, but there might be a charge for additional calendars.  Your first calendar is free.

5.  What is a “high resolution” photo?

When you print something it needs to have a much higher resolution than something that you would only view on your computer.  If your camera has settings for higher quality photos, be sure to use the highest setting when taking your pictures.  Choose your favorite picture and send that do us.  Don’t worry if your pet’s eyes are red – we can correct that.  Just take the best quality photo that you can and send it over.  Photos should be no larger than 5” x 7.”

6.  Can I submit more than one photo?

We can accept pictures of each of your pets but only one photo per pet.

7.  What will the calendar look like?

The calendar will most likely be a poster-sized calendar.

8.  Can you return pictures?

We will not be able to return pictures.

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