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Allows the whole family to play together. Incorporates positive values.
- Parents Express
Our Family Testers found Pet Detectives to make a profound and positive impact, in not only getting together for tons of fun as a family, but also as an ice-breaker at birthday parties and overnight sleepovers -- even at camp! IT WAS AN INCREDIBLE HIT! Absolute fun! We loved it!"
- Jodie Lynn, syndicated parenting/health expert, CEO/founder of, author of "Mom CEO"
The children enjoyed this game more and more as they played it!
- Great American Toy Test
A great new twist on the traditional "Go Fish" game. Wonderful pictures of animals on the cards, some cut and cuddly and some not so cuddly (or cute). Good to help develop memory skills. Cute little metal container.
- iParenting Media Awards' Reviewer
This is a game that allows the whole family to play together with pictures of many animals. It incorporates positive values because players are rewarded for kindness, taking care of animals and helping each other. It's entertaining and fun...
- Dr. Toy
There are some wonderful twists on the (Go Fish) concept and it results in a completely entertaining evening that you can play with your kids...The names of the animal characters will launch peals of laughter
- The National Parenting Center
With both elementary children (kindergarten and above) and even the special “tween” category, Pet Detectives is a game that will be fun for them, educational, and teach some smidgens of strategy...My daughter says that this game is "REALLY fun". Well, I can't argue with that...It's fun to carry, fun to play - an excellent gift for the young kids.
- Tom Vasel, Real Men Play Board Games
Once the kids started playing with this game they never stopped or did not want to stop. We love this game and gave it four stars. It's fun, educational and helps kids to use their minds.
- Yussie Wolf, Brooklyn College Review
Our test family had a blast playing Pet Detectives. In fact, our young players, ages six and nine, wanted to play over and over again. Kids will love the adorable pictures of animals, and parents will love that their kids strengthen counting and memory skills.
Parent/Teacher Reviews
We have played this game no less than once a day since it came into our house. My kids love it so much that some days we have played three rounds! Pet Detectives is a fun and exciting educational game that is great for the whole family! The pictures are stimulating and my kids loved it! Watching the excitement on their faces as they searched for the animals on the cards was a thrill!
- Zeita Jones, parent
Pet Detectives caught and held the interest of the students. The idea that they could be a rescuer of an animal is very appealing. I would recommend this game to other second grade teachers.
- Teacher comment
I had Pet Detectives in our Math Center for the children to enjoy and work on their money skills. Their observation skills, memory skills, reasoning and social skills were all enhanced by the game as well.
- Teacher comment
Pet Detectives teaches kids to play fair and take turns. Leadership, matching skills, and strategy were also enhanced by this game.
- Teacher comment
The product was easy to learn how to play. The game moved at a good pace. The unique names and pets were fun.
- iParenting Media Awards' Reviewer
This game uses photos of common and uncommon pets as the characters of the game. The children were interested in finding the animals that they owned or were familiar with when they played.
- iParenting Media Awards' Reviewer
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